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Call today to schedule your complimentary,

no-obligation Custom Build consultation.


Allow our Team to walk you through the Northstar Difference process, projected timelines, cost and expectations.

Our dedicated, in-house Draftsman and Designers will create your dream custom floorplan.


Already purchased your lot, or need assistance in finding the perfect property to build your home? 

Our complimentary Lot Assessment Team is here to assist you! Visit our Lot Assessment page for more information!


Why Choose Northstar Builders for Your Custom Home?


1)     25 years experience  building  varied designs and terrains

Let us help you select the right lot with no obligation. Visit our Lot Assessment page for more information!

2)     Built-in design assistance/value engineering

It is critical to engage the builder before you start the design process.  Northstar Builders will save you money during the design phase.

3)     Experienced, dedicated Administrative Team for efficiency and service

Northstar Builders is not a construction company that works out of a truck. We have a full office with experienced staff to keep the process flowing on time and on budget.

4)     Use of modern technology for constant homeowner updates

Northstar Builders wants you to be informed so we have invested in modern technology to make sure that is the case.

5)     Financial and technical experience

Northstar Builders founders are also have financial expertise. We can assist with the difficult financial decisions and guiding to a qualified lender.

6)     Access to highly qualified architects and designers

Northstar Builders can help you find qualified architects and designers.

7)     Homes designed and built for your lifestyle

Northstar Builders listens first and then acts on your desire to create your home for your lifestyle.

Northstar Builders is a company that is focused on helping you meet your goals.

Start your home with a good foundation!


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